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i-tec Thunderbolt3/USB-C Dual DisplayPort 4K Docking Station + Power Delivery 85W (TB3CDUALDPDOCKPDUK) New

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Product description

Connect this docking station via a Thunderbolt 3 interface and gain access to the fastest data transfer available today. It is 8x faster than the standard USB port. With this speed, you can, for instance, back up 250 GB of data in less than a minute, or copy a film in Blu-Ray quality in under two seconds! Do you enjoy detailed graphics with high resolution? If so, then this station can allow you to connect to one LCD monitor with up to 8K resolution! And of course, you can enjoy truly smooth video thanks to high refresh rate of 60 Hz. Printer? Keyboard? Mouse? External hard drive or flash drive? Charging cable for your phone? You can connect all your devices to the docking station quickly and easily. In addition, you can connect to the Internet thanks a LAN port, eliminating any worries with variable speed and quality of Wi-Fi networks. The Thunderbolt 3 port has so many tricks up its sleeve! Provided your laptop or tablet supports power delivery through this port, you gain the ability to connect all you need (data transfer, Internet, video and power supply) using a single cable. he latest, second-generation Thunderbolt 3 technology, has arrived. Outstanding performance, ultra-fast data transfer rate and up to 8K* resolution support. This is one of the most powerful docking stations available in the market today. Enjoy unrivalled image quality, fast internet, and the ability to transfer data at a rate of over 1 GB per second, even when using multiple USB ports simultaneously. You can also connect your headphones or speaker and charge your notebook (85W) while working , all via a single port. Thanks to the integrated DP 1.4 protocol, you can connect this docking station to a monitor with up to 8K (7680 x 4320)* with a 30 Hz refresh rate, which is comparable to four 4K monitors side by side. An ideal solution for professional graphic designers, data analysts, engineers, film editors or enthusiasts. Second generation Thunderbolt 3 technology means the docking station is compatible with Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C, making it a flexible and versatile option for companies with a mixed estate of Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C notebooks or tablets. * 8K resolution must be supported by the host notebook or tablet.

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